Clay Gone Gold Panning Additive

Clay Gone Gold Panning Additive
Item# clay-gone-gold-panning-additive

Product Description

8 oz. Bottle of Clay Gone

Did you know gold can float?

Yes it's heavy but fine pieces of gold can actually float on top of the water in your panning tub. This is due to the surface tension of the water itself. Clay Gone assists in recovery of more gold by dropping heavy silt and mud out of the water; especially useful in desert applications where clean water is in short supply. This product is also compatible with soaps and other surface tension breaking additives such as Jet-Dry.

Ideal for use in gold panning tubs, gold jigs, gold wheels, recirculating systems and other fine gold recovery equipment. Use one tablespoon of Clay Gone per 10 gallons of water; all bottles contain 8 ounces and are highly concentrated.